AFC Urgent Care Urgent Care Pikesville provides Occupational Healthcare Services

AFC Urgent Care walk-in clinic in Pikesville aims to be your Company’s “One Stop Shop” for all your Pre-Employment and Ongoing Medical Needs. Just chose from a menu of services that we provide to properly screen your candidates for employment.

Our Services include:

  • Drug Testing (DOT/Non-Dot) Urine and Hair
  • Background Checks (All types, Federal, 50 State, Employment, Education)
  • Physicals (DOT/Non-DOT)
  • Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Lung Function Testing
  • Hearing and Vision Exams
  • TB Testing and Vaccinations of all kinds.

Just about any Pre-Employment screen your company may require to be run, we can perform.

On a ongoing basis, we can treat any non-life threatening injury your employee may experience. Our avg cost is $700 cheaper than the Emergency Room. We can also Drug Test your employees when they come in for injury treatment. Call Connor Ferguson at 410 484 4044 for more information. We accept all Workman’s Compensation Insurance. We will also never bill an employee for the services rendered here.