From the Owner:

My name is Connor Ferguson and I am the owner of AFC Urgent Care Urgent Care in Pikesville. Having grown up just South of Baltimore I wanted to bring a new kind of Urgent Care experience to the Baltimore Area, an Urgent Care experience that is compassionate, knowledgeable, and extremely efficient. I decided to open my first Urgent Care in January of 2011 here in Pikesville. AFC Urgent Care Pikesville aims to be the absolute best provider of Urgent Care Services in the Country. As a AFC Urgent Care Patient you can expect to be treated quickly, buy a Provider that has Emergency Room Experience, and by a staff that has been trained in Customer Service. We want to ensure that every visit is completed in a timely- efficient manner. We want to ensure at the end of the visit our patient leaves with a better understanding of their current health situation and a discharge plan that is both practical and educational. If any Patient at anytime feels as though they were not treated efficiently, with compassion, or knowledgeably, I would ask that they reach out directly by calling my office at 410 484 4044. We want to make Baltimore and Maryland healthier /happier place to live.

Our goal is to see you quickly and to treat your injury or illness with the utmost quality and efficiency. You don’t need to be a regular patient of ours and you don’t need an appointment. When you aren’t feeling well, simply come to our office during our normal business hours. When you come see us, please bring the following information:

  • Insurance Card – if you have insurance (insurance isn’t necessary)
  • Photo Identification
  • Co-Pay (we accept cash, check or credit card)

Check In – Upon arrival, you will be asked to complete our short registration form (if you haven’t seen us before). To speed up the process, you can print and complete a registration form right now.

See the Doctor – After check-in, you will be brought into our “triage” room where a Registered Nurse will assess your medical complaint. You will then be seen by our doctor who will treat your illness or injury.

Aftercare – Once treated, any care supplies or medication will be prescribed and you will receive complete aftercare instructions.